What Are Visits Like?

Seeing me is unlike most of your other ‘medical’ experiences.  Your first visit is 90 minutes long.  That consists of 30 minutes of getting your whole story down (your symptoms, your current lifestyle, your history) and doing some initial assessment work… checking your pulse, looking at your tongue and palpating various reflexes from head to toe.  This is a very different world of medicine.  No symptom is isolated.  You may be coming for sciatic pain, but chances are its all intertwined with and interrelated to your ear congestion, diabetes and gall stones.  I have to put that all together to give you treatments that fully integrate you as a whole person. Then you receive a full one hour treatment.

Subsequent visits are one hour long. During that time, I am completely focussed and dedicated to your care.  Typically you come once a week.  Occasionally you only need 30 minutes.  Teenagers usually only need 30 to 45 minutes.  Young kids often only need 15 or 20 minutes.

During your visits with me, you may receive acupuncture, moxibustion, herbal medicine and a number of other possible therapeutic approaches.  We may also discuss your medical history, put things all together for you in ways no-one else has likely ever done and we may discuss things you can do for yourself.  It’s a truly integrated experience.  Most people leave feeling very relaxed.  Often people with many varied symptoms also leave feeling relieved someone could finally make some sense of it all.